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Starting in 2015 as a part-time company and then opening full time in 2018, we're happy to provide State College and the surrounding areas with expert garage door service.

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Garage Doors

We serve the industry with high quality products including C.H.I and Marantec. We'll work closely with you to find the best door to fit your needs and provide the best garage door installation in State College to set your door up for a long life of smooth and efficient operation. We offer both residential and commercial garage doors as well as entry doors and vinyl railings.

Garage Door Repairs in State College PA

Count on us for above and beyond service for every make or model of garage door and opener we provide. Our rates are extremely competitive and we get it right the first time. So feel free to pick up the phone to request a quote and learn more courtesy of Keystone Millworks.

Garage door repair is a simple way of extending the life of your garage door in State College PA. By taking these few suggestions you will find that your garage door will last much longer and help increase the resale value of your property down the road. First, it's important to replace your garage door springs when you notice they've become torn or are making loud noises. This will prevent more costly repairs in the future. You should also call a professional garage door technician in State College PA to implement a monthly operator motor check-up. The operating motor is important to your garage because it helps make your garage door go up and down automatically with a push of a button.

Your garage door operator is usually powered by electricity and contains a motor on the inside. The motor life care instructions are usually discussed in the manual of your garage door system, but there are a few steps of your own that you can take to help lengthen the life of the garage door operator which saves time and money. Contact Keystone, serving State College PA, for all your garage door needs!

When it's Time to Call in the Professionals for Garage Door Service

Professional garage door inspections and maintenance in State College PA can extend your garage door's lifespan and ensure it's functioning properly and safely. You might be wondering how often you should have a technician come out and perform routine garage door service.

Standard Garage Door Maintenance Schedule

If you're not experiencing issues with your State College PA garage door, preventative maintenance is recommended once annually for normal use. If you use your garage door frequently, you might require more frequent maintenance or servicing. But, if you have any safety concerns or suspect any problems with your garage door, stop using it and give us a call today for inspection.